on line & ranking of the cards from high to low is:

  1. path / Trio / Set / three Of a type – 3 cards of the equal rank.
  2. natural series / natural Run / directly Flush – three consecutive playing cards of the equal fit.

three. series / everyday Run / straight – three consecutive cards not all within the identical in shape.

  1. coloration / Flush – three cards of the equal match that are not in collection.
  2. Pair / Card Of The identical Rank – cards of the equal rank.
  3. excessive Card – three cards that do not belong to any of the above kinds.

The newly-delivered Indian recreation for the android software program known as ‘youngster Patti Gold’, the simplified model of Poker, is turning into famous amongst children, specifically those with out jobs. teen Patti (that means “3 playing cards” in English, also known as flash or flush) is a gambling card game that originated in the Indian subcontinent. the game, that’s virtually a simplified model of Poker, is famous during South Asia.

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Asad Pasha, an expert of the sport informed the enterprise Recorder that he has offered 10 million rating chips at a rate ranging among Rs two hundred to Rs 225 and earned good-looking quantity thru this pastime in some months. He also presented bargain of Rs 170 to a hundred and eighty on selling one thousand million or above rating chips to the gamers. Being a jobless chap, Asad has masses of time to spend on the game, more often than not for the duration of the night to earn a lot of chips.


on line him, a big wide variety of youngsters and children besides girls and businessmen buy the rating chips from him. To a question, he stated some human beings have created their very own pages at the popular website “facebook”